The Fitblr Birthday List

Feb 18

The Birthday list has moved!

This site will be closed soon, but you can find birthdays and post your birthday at

Dec 16

I have a heart, if you don’t.

Ben at ChristWalk said he didn’t see a heart but wanted to be on the birthday list. So, I added him manually. If you can’t get on the list, but would like to be, let me know below and I’ll add you manually too.

What’s your birthdate?

Dec 14

Need to recommend a fitblr?

I never ask on my main tumblr, but the birthday list isn’t as self serving. I’d love to see this fitblr at the top, so that everyone can notify their followers of their special day.

If you haven’t already, please recommend the Birthday List.

Reblog this post, please.

Dec 10

Your Birthday

Please check to see if you still have a note on your birthday. I’ve found that tumblr isn’t working real well lately. NO surprise.

If your birthday was listed, but not anymore, let me know.

Is it?

Dec 09

Happy Birthday Aimee.

The Fitblr Birthday List, December 9

Happy Birthday Aimee. Make sure everyone goes over to Aimee’s fitblr and wishes her the best.

Reblogging this is appreciated.

Dec 07

If you haven’t yet…

pick the birthday list as a favorite. It’ll help to get more fitblrs listed.

I added a recommend button under the months on the right.

Dec 05

Happy Birthday Abel!

Abel is running his second of sixth marathon today. The California International Marathon. And it’s his BIRTHDAY too. Reblog this and go to Abel’s blog to wish him a happy birthday and good luck at the race. Heck, he’s probably finishing up about now.

Dec 03


I think it’s a tumblr quirk. Some have hearts and some don’t. Hopefully, it will correct its self. Don’t forget to reblog whenever you see a birthday and encourage everyone to add their birthdays.

6in6 has a birthday this Sunday and I believe he is running a marathon on the same day. Abel, do it in under 3 hrs, so you can party the rest of the day. it’ll be his second of six marathons.

Nov 30


To log your birthdate, you must be able to click on the heart. I’ve heard from one person that they didn’t have a heart to click on. Has anyone else had this issue?

Nov 29

No Birthdays today

But, we have over 30 fitblrs on the birthday list. Help the list out by checking for birthdays everyday and then reblog if anyone is celebrating that day.

Guess who was born today?

And get the word out by reblogging to add your name to the Birthday List.

Nov 28

January 2

Click the heart if this is your birthday.

January 3

Click the heart if this is your birthday.

January 1

Click the heart if this is your birthday.



January 4

Click the heart if this is your birthday.

January 5

Click the heart if this is your birthday.